• Accuse

    Accuse me of lying,
    when it was you who hid the truth,

    Accuse me of running away,... more »

  • Ashamed

    Violated and exploited..
    Left alone and cold
    Hurt by the person you
    Thought you could trust.... more »

  • Beauty

    Underneath my exterior,
    Underneath my clothes,
    Underneath my words,
    A specail person grows.... more »

  • Broken

    Sitting alone.
    Looking in the mirror.
    Thinking of what i wish i could be.
    I wish i wasnt so broken.... more »

  • Death Is Here

    Death is just a second away
    blood drippin on the floor
    while your lyin there slowly slippin away
    slippin away from the... more »

  • Fear

    Screamin is all I hear,
    Heartaches is all I fear,
    Blood is all smeared,
    Cryin is all I see,... more »

  • Good-Niight

    ... more »

  • Have You Ever

    Have you ever lived my life,
    Have you ever spent one day in my shoes,
    If not why do you judge me as you do.... more »

  • Hopless

    hoplessly alone.
    Starving for your attention.
    But as you watch me die.
    You wonder what could be wrong.... more »

  • Killing You

    Watching You Just sit there while you wast away.
    It Kills me inside to know i atctually cared.
    I wish i could just make you feel the pain you caused me.
    Soo Now I am standing over you with the most hardest decision in my life.... more »

  • Lonleyness

    lonliness and pain is what i feel,
    hate and Confusion is what i see,
    Love and happiness is what i need,
    Hate and death is crested in my mind,... more »

  • Razorblade

    Im lyin in my lonely dark room
    Sittin on the bed
    With a razorblade in my hand
    while I slowly run it down my wristz... more »

  • Unfinished

    I seen her face,
    So beautiful never thought
    I'd ever fing an angel like her.
    She had these gorgeous brown eyes... more »

  • Whisper'sz

    Suicide whispering in your ear,
    Your heart beat is racing at the speed of light,
    What will you do, what will you choose.
    Will you meet your fate and dance with faith,... more »

  • You Hear

    You hear her screamz,
    You hear her cries,
    as you watch the tearz of blood,
    roll down her cheekz,... more »