• Endless Love

    Entranced with the passion of our endless nights
    Mesmerized by your deep thoughts that of which embraces your eyes
    Sensuous renewal vibrating through my being
    Of this endless Love... more »

  • I Am A Child

    I am a child
    Allow me to be me
    For I can only remain in this state for so long
    Give me the freedom to become who I am... more »

  • My Scorpion King

    Love drives me with endless passions and affections of that certain individual.
    It often gives me the means to face another day.
    It forces me to make undesirable choices to often please one another.
    To compromise without compromising.... more »

  • Range Of Emotion

    Passing through the darkness
    My life
    Mistaken, unfolds
    What holds for me beforehand is truly untold... more »

  • The Man In You

    Sweetness, Babes is what you squeal to me
    Insolence and angst is all I see
    You seem like a clean looking Fella
    So come clean with your words and then holla... more »

  • The Street Car Named Desired

    An unexpected romance
    Surfaced before our presence
    Maintaining the passion that I’m craving for
    Elongated and timeless... more »