• Live The Journey

    When the road is long,
    You need to be strong,
    No matter where you come from.... more »

  • Mathematics

    A subject full of tricks,
    Which measures the slope of a peak,
    To the depth of a creek.... more »

  • Night And Day

    I tried I tried
    Night and day
    But ultimately failed... more »

  • Pandemic Panic

    A sudden halt,
    Terrific fear crawls,
    Cough, cold, fever rushes like hell,
    A warning bell!... more »

  • Safe Drive! Save Life!

    Traffic, Horns, Hustle Bustle All Around;
    Cars, Buses, Bicycle, Trucks in a round.

    Two boys busy chatting, one leaves his bag,... more »

  • School Life

    Seems like all faded in a wink,
    I always think,
    15 years shrink.... more »