• A Complicated Feeling...

    I said I'll write...
    And for the first time...
    I couldn't think of words to say...
    I couldn't find something to help...... more »

  • A Friend

    Why do I need a friend?
    She does me no good.
    When I’m sad,
    She tries to make me glad,... more »

  • Even Though

    Even though what you did,
    Still I’m thinking of you.
    I remember the days we spent,
    This made us like a bond.... more »

  • I Can'T Be For You...

    Alone I sit...
    Alone I think...
    Of everything you made...
    Of every word you said...... more »

  • I Don'T Quite Get It

    It'd been a while,
    Since we last talked.
    So long they seemed,
    Though few they were.... more »

  • I Just Know One Thing

    I don’t know when this life started
    I don’t know when it’ll end
    I don’t know how things began
    I don’t know how things were... more »

  • I Remember.....

    I remember you used to look at me,
    You used to give me that smile,
    It made me forget everything around,
    But everything changes,... more »

  • I Thought.......

    I thought I meant something to you,
    I know you meant everything to me,
    But maybe I just wasn't that clear,
    That I need you so very much with me.... more »

  • I Used To

    I used to look up to you,
    I thought you were so tough to reach,
    I knew I won't reach to you,
    I won't even be close.... more »

  • I Wasn’t Sure About You

    When I first saw you
    I wasn’t sure about you
    I really did change
    I was wondering what about you... more »

  • If Looks Can Say

    If looks can say
    How I feel in many ways
    I won’t be standing here in this place
    Trying to tell you... more »

  • In Your Eyes

    In your eyes I saw everything new
    And in your eyes I saw everything which grew
    And in somehow I knew
    I was meant to be with you... more »

  • Love From First Sight

    I never believed in love from first sight
    It’s said to be but it’s never right
    People talked about it all night
    As if it’s clearer than pure light.... more »

  • Misunderstood

    A new day starts normal...
    Nothing seems abnormal...
    Everything is just as perfect...
    As yesterdays ending...... more »

  • My Dream

    I had a dream
    Every night I see it
    It's just the two of us together
    Talking, laughing for hours... more »

  • Never Give Up

    Sometimes life is against you
    You see it turning......
    From dark to darker
    Wishing it's just a nightmare... more »

  • The Difference

    In the middle of the night
    My cell phone rang
    My friend annoyingly woke me up
    To tell me watch the news... more »

  • Total Trust.....Lost

    This is the story of the total trust
    You gave me and I lost
    I was a bad thing
    I never used to think... more »

  • U Still Think I Care? ? ! !

    You still think I care? ?
    When I know I no longer do
    You were a memory in the past
    That took the pain and sorrow with it... more »

  • You Broke My Heart

    You broke my heart at last,
    I hope that’s what u were looking for,
    Everything we shared,
    Everything we planed together,... more »