• Delayed Is Not Denied

    The train to freedom and happiness
    has been delayed
    due to an unspecified fault.... more »

  • Jungle Play

    Playing the cat and mouse
    the hunter and the hunted
    game.... more »

  • Nobody's Darling

    am afraid to look
    into the mirror.
    afraid to see the sad lines
    drawn across my face.... more »

  • Reappearing Stranger

    crossed paths when i had least
    was having a terrible existence when fate said
    we aught to meet.... more »

  • Same Walk.

    hold my hand,
    be my friend,
    i begged.
    you judged... more »

  • Special Instruction

    Find herewith attached document
    with solid instruction to the effect that
    with immediate receipt of this
    copy ceaze to love, to feel affection for, to care... more »

  • Tears

    I cry everyones tears
    my heart is heavy with pain,
    the heaviness i cannot bear like the municipal sewage tanks in a squatter camp,
    i burst and ooze out my disgusting contents... more »

  • Thank You

    I send you a big kiss,
    and a big hug
    to help me say
    thank you for... more »

  • Through The Window

    she is running late,
    but still she dashes into
    the bathroom to catch a
    quick shower.... more »