• A Poem Of My Death

    Mouths do honor these lips grown cold, fall
    On the deaf the words not told.
    While among living, dare none so bold,
    Broken hearts, no silence said.... more »

  • All My Brothers

    I walk with my brother the Christian,
    But I do not believe as he, I am not his Christian brother.
    I walk with my brother the Jew,
    Not born to his name, I am not his brother.... more »

  • Beautiful Destruction

    A rough rain falls on the river running as a
    fisher casts over tainted water, and
    Black blood burns as the wars are raging and the
    soldiers argue who’s hell is hotter.... more »

  • Birth Of Peace

    no religion will bring it to you
    no merchant can supply it.
    no king may decree it.
    no empire implores it... more »

  • Blue Faerie Moon

    I search by envied pond, by light of this blue moon,
    Heart fanes to see my nature’s nymph in all full glory’s bloom.
    My faerie love once met me here but now has gone away.
    I wait to see her once again as blue light fades to grey.... more »

  • Breathe

    Soul rises and awakens
    From the corners of my being
    Quivering lips; I kiss you and sounds
    Of hearts play a song of ancient depths.... more »

  • Chasing Horizon

    You shiver,
    uncertain in this place i know so well
    Gone ahead to meet you,
    alone i tread this ground... more »

  • Dance Of The Bohemian Priestess

    I spied in a forest of psychedelic trees,
    The figure of a haunted goddess,
    Upon which my eyes did seize,
    Her bare feet and bare breast,... more »

  • Death To Flowers

    Death to Flowers

    Green, in bloom;
    Lined in garden rows;... more »

  • Drink My Sin

    We feast with the Devil, on the corpses of angels
    served by demons at a banquet thrown by God.
    ~~RLO... more »

  • Edge Of The Dream: Becoming The Creator

    In the time before Time, there was the void of nothing that was not known,
    for nothing existed to know it.
    The Creator was not then the Creator
    for nothing was then created.... more »

  • Envy The Common Man

    How I envy the Common Man,

    To live in the world that we create.
    To drift on the winds with no debate.... more »

  • Flow

    Pillow surrounds my face,
    Muffles sounds of pain.
    sounds the heart makes,
    When there is no you.... more »

  • God

    I melt with the snow on the tops of mountains
    I babble with the voice of the humble waters
    I sip from the lake on the open plains... more »

  • Lost In Thought

    (A fun little diversion)

    I thought I thought a thought,
    a thought I thought I thought.... more »

  • On The Other Side

    By looking outward, I see all that is inward.
    By looking forward, I become everything that has been.
    By looking back, I know what is to come.
    I peer into deepest sky to grasp the smallest essence of self.... more »

  • Poets Are Losers

    The art of the word yields little fruit when it's first conceived;
    It must take root and grow in passionate minds if ever to be received.
    A craft much learned of sadness from this world we’re in,
    As we suffer right along until our solemn end.... more »

  • Rewind

    It was late, the air was filled with shadow;
    The only sounds I hear, waves of echo.
    Playing videos of memories over in my mind,
    As if looking for something more I have to find.... more »

  • Rise

    The morning sees to rise.
    Gathering behind the hills, light soldiers.
    Day to blitz the fields on cue.
    Soon to fall victim, Dreamer of freedoms;... more »

  • Song Of A Shallow Dream

    Dream of love, rise to sorrow,
    Seek another's bed to borrow.
    Fickle heart fleeing mine,
    Once to me that love divine.... more »

  • Spider's Tongue

    A Whisper,
    Always comes.
    Bringing madness... more »

  • Sunrise Child

    A caramel sunrise bursts in my veins,
    I breathe in my butterfly dawn!
    Quilted in magnificent rays warmth wakes me.
    Reaching, almost touching the yellow joy,... more »

  • The One Red Flag

    Though our hearts are dyed in every hue,
    Its red that binds us through and through.
    Upon a Crimson banner all our hopes we pin,
    Behind this ruddy standard, stand all manner of men.... more »

  • The Untoong

    We enter the dance,
    my kinsman and I.
    We chant with the sacred sounds of the Earth,
    we sing the ancient songs of the people.... more »

  • These Days

    These days
    Smoooooth as a chocolate mudslide
    Bright as a beach on the coast of Spain
    Easy days.... more »