• Gas Cans

    Gas Cans

    Eco wackos are out there spewing
    about what the oil drillers are doing.... more »

  • I Sit Here And Read The Signatures

    I sit here and read the signatures
    on an elevated plaster cast
    that supports a splintered tibia,
    remembering the ill advised... more »

  • Pollyanna

    Pollyanna wanted a cracker
    to edit the chaotic bold print... more »

  • Precursor


    Sandwiched in between
    a shower and shave... more »

  • Recycle The Grounds

    I sit in my post modern
    space conscience kitchenette,
    one of five tidy squares in the
    two high, ten wide people... more »

  • Snobbery

    isn't for weak-willed
    neophytes who, for one minute,
    question the superiority of their
    self-appointed position.... more »

  • So Much For Change

    Back in the day
    the smoke blacked tube
    was what made the tv fuzzy
    and the wind pushed... more »

  • Sro

    Anthony and Jodie
    grasp statues of
    famed charactery,
    a his/her sweep of... more »

  • The Signs

    The neighbors house seems opaque.
    L1-L5 found thirty degrees.
    Silence awaits a word on the tip.... more »

  • They Shoot Horses. Don'T They?

    Talcum and ointment
    suspend the rash
    and the safety pinned cloth
    refreshes the happy drool.... more »