• A Prayer For The 21st Century

    i hope one day that the 21st century
    wont be remembered for insanity
    that all the wars and desecration
    wont be part of horror creation... more »

  • Alone And Gone

    Voices whisper in her ear
    Of how everything was not near
    Hours passed but still she sat
    Till her pride caved in and she wept... more »

  • At Age Three

    I had wanted to run
    I wanted to play
    Just to have fun
    Would make my day... more »

  • Behind Another Closed Locked Door

    I saw a reflection in the glass
    A dead girl crying, her I pass
    I thought she looked familiar
    Perhaps even similar... more »

  • His Influence

    He leaned over to her chair,
    Creating disturbances in the air
    He whispered
    She giggled.... more »

  • I Should Have Told Him

    His words cut through the war in my head
    Telling me, I’d be loved, to go back to bed

    I should have told him then... more »

  • Nothing There

    A cold shiver runs down my spine
    Even though today is fine
    No wind is blowing
    Yet my hair is flowing... more »

  • Paralysed

    Paralysed from the neck down
    Never be able to go back to town
    We are forced to breathe
    Hooked up to some hideous machine... more »

  • The Fireman

    He walked with calm and grace
    Into the burning blaze
    He was a liar
    When talking about the fire... more »

  • Then One Day She Said

    Then one day she said:
    'I had best go to bed, '

    He had let her walk by... more »

  • Wandering

    The ground moves beneath my feet
    As I pad down another street
    None have known where I have gone
    They observe my figure lone... more »

  • We Debate It For You

    Register your belief with us
    We are sure to make a fuss
    We don’t care what you want to believe
    We will tell you what to perceive... more »

  • We Don'T Want It

    We danced along with chance
    And then we made another stance
    Lie down or stand up
    Lie down and fess up... more »