• .........And The Bus Took Us Home

    I saw him in the distance,
    he looked so pale and old.
    Of late the skin had thinned
    and his eyes were not so bold.... more »

  • 1 A Lump Of Old Metal

    It was a lump of old metal,
    a car with no heart
    cocooning him, purring
    through back lanes,... more »

  • A Burial

    Softly, he goes to his grave
    as the big black Mercedes growls
    and men in wigs and gowns
    condemn him.... more »

  • A Certain Loss

    Slowly they fade,
    sharp jaw lines,
    strong limbs,
    firm skin.... more »

  • A Change Of Heart

    I threw in
    face cream,
    tops.... more »

  • A Child

    Before tiny hands
    touched the raindrops,
    before she smiled,
    before little feet... more »

  • A Coffee Break

    I drink milky coffee
    cos' I don't like it black.
    It ain't because I'm weird
    or stuff or anything like that.... more »

  • A Cold Bed

    Cold insecurity
    now slept on, feels sharp
    in the morning light.... more »

  • A Cold Spring

    Spring was dull this year
    but then we had snow.
    It glistened like starlight
    to a prisoner.... more »

  • A Companionable Love Or 'Working It Out'

    The difference between them was palpable,
    kind of off key like a strange smell,
    they didn't quite gel.... more »

  • A Deluge Of Tears

    A deluge of tears fell in January
    as roads flooded
    and homes were lost.... more »

  • A Dolls Eye View

    Dolls sit among the cushions
    as though they are waiting for her.
    Their porcelain smiles, fixed,
    their eyes wide, a cobalt blue,... more »

  • A Few Funny Haiku

    big smile
    finger wags at sister
    bath drains... more »

  • A Frame

    The frame was best supporting act,
    and held the ego high and proud.
    He never moaned or groaned or spat,
    just hung there, all chilled out.... more »

  • A Friendly Cloud

    He looked up in wonder,
    at a cloud
    his head.... more »

  • A Guest

    Melanie preened,
    she licked
    and she polished... more »

  • A Journey

    I never liked the walk from the central line
    to the Metropolitan Line,
    that wide corridor with its bland, milky tiles.
    The odd busker, sad and skinny, made me feel blue.... more »

  • A Leggy Woman

    I'm black and I'm scary
    I'm fast and I'm hairy,
    my legs are all skinny,
    my body is fat.... more »

  • A Little Bump & Grind

    He bumps and grinds persistently,
    his head begins to thump.
    He hopes that he can stem the pain
    but, poor man, he can't refrain.... more »

  • A Little Haiku

    ... more »

  • A Little Hot Gossip

    'She brushed her lips by his
    so gently for a thrill,
    and when he didn't flinch
    it spurred her on.... more »

  • A Little Mills & Boon

    Snatched moments,
    a darkened doorway,
    honeyed kisses,
    a fervent caress... more »

  • A Lost Friend.....

    What happened to the little girl
    who leaned on chubby hands at school.

    What happened to that lonesome child,... more »

  • A Lost Soul

    When the world changed around her she hid in the labyrinths of her mind.
    She fled down tunnels, old pathways of misspent youth.
    She fell deeper into places she'd once been and it hurt.
    She revisited old enemies and lost friends she'd forgotten.... more »

  • A Marmite Sandwich

    Maggie always made me feel small,
    she was always on the defence,
    could never talk quietly.... more »