I am a Political Science major at Pensacola Christian College and I should graduate in 2008
I went to Greater Beckley Christian School-GO CRUSADERS- from Kindergarten to graduation
My poetry is very bad but I dont care what people think cause 9 out of 10 people usually are losers


Ryan Belcher Poems

Who Is John Kerry

John Kerry is a moron
how can people like him
John Kerry is a flip flopper
he doesn't know what he stands for... more »

A Poem To My Skateboard

I love my skateboard
cause it is hot
my skateboard is a birdhouse
and it is hot... more »

Poem For The Soldiers

All day and all night you place your
life in jeopardy that I may continue to live in freedom
I may not know you but I am gratefull for you
You are my heros no one is making you do this, you are simply... more »

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