• A Poem To My Skateboard

    I love my skateboard
    cause it is hot
    my skateboard is a birdhouse
    and it is hot... more »

  • My Lord

    You are the LORD of everything
    the most high GOD of the universe
    and You love me.
    Me an awefull wretched and perverse sinner.... more »

  • Poem

    Red... more »

  • Poem For The Soldiers

    All day and all night you place your
    life in jeopardy that I may continue to live in freedom
    I may not know you but I am gratefull for you
    You are my heros no one is making you do this, you are simply... more »

  • The Crazy Little Boy Vs. The Moosey's Lover

    the crazy little boy says he has no
    feelings for her.
    everyone knows that this is untrue.
    he claims that he is happy for them, yet... more »

  • The One

    I want you to be the one
    Yet you will never be the one
    it can not, will not ever happen.
    For there is one who is in the way.... more »

  • Who Is John Kerry

    John Kerry is a moron
    how can people like him
    John Kerry is a flip flopper
    he doesn't know what he stands for... more »

  • You

    Why do I have to put up with such a person as you?
    You annoy me to my core
    Yet for some reason the great God of the universe has put you in my life
    Why?... more »