I'm a senior at my highschool. I've been writing since around Febuary of 2005, and have been writing poetry specifically since early summer of 2005. So if what I write to you seems a bit, immature, bad, ill quality, give me time, I'm semi new to this. Most have what I have up so far are chosen earlier pieces of me up until October of last year, I've not dated them yet, I'm thinking about it. I'll get newer works up soon I think.


Ryan Holmes Poems

Vent The Flame

A happy face is painted on
The sorrow stricken tears are gone
It's just my thoughts that betry me
Thoughts you can't hear, thoughts you can't see... more »

The End

Tormented life, will never speak
Of tragedy, I always keep
Torture myself with greedy lies
I pray for death, in my warped mind... more »

Is This Right Or Wrong

The devil’s tongue is swelled with lies
Yet still I take heed to his song
So soothing is his lullaby
Confusing, is this right or wrong?... more »

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