• Azure Eyed Angel

    My azure eyed angel
    With her I’m so vulnerable
    And for once, I do not care
    As long as she is near... more »

  • Cannot

    She cannot hear this wrath I scream
    Cause I’m slowly evading her
    I stay awake so I can’t dream
    I try hard not to remember... more »

  • Eternal Smile

    A massacre within my mind
    This wound leaves me no time to bide
    The blood, it flows like crimson tears
    As I am slain, I see you leer... more »

  • Etheral Tears

    Ethereal tears roll down my face
    I'm sorrowful, yet there's no trace
    Of agony, yet in my eyes
    There's no deceit, I cannot lie... more »

  • Every Tear That's Mine

    You've given me a great friendship
    You've been there for me and much more
    That's why I shut my lonely lips
    And never say my love is yours... more »

  • Flooded With Mistakes

    I don’t sleep at night anymore.
    I just lie there, thinking of her.
    Lost opportunity, closed doors.
    What ever you call it, it hurts.... more »

  • I Can'T Deny

    I wrap around this agony,
    Aware that I will never be
    Good enough for anyone.
    The rocks are thrown as I am shunned.... more »

  • Is Love Worth It

    Is love worth it
    Is it worth the time you spend being alone
    Is it worth the tears you cry
    Is it worth the pain you hide... more »

  • Is This Right Or Wrong

    The devil’s tongue is swelled with lies
    Yet still I take heed to his song
    So soothing is his lullaby
    Confusing, is this right or wrong?... more »

  • My Fatal Wound

    I die today,
    I wish I may,
    Gain strength to say,
    My ashamed truth.... more »

  • Noose

    You left the noose for me,
    Hanging, looming,
    Leaving me with thoughts of sorrow.
    I step up to it, all the while thinking of you,... more »

  • Please

    Don't leave me here, Standing alone
    Won't voice my fear, I'm too stubborn
    I'll cry tonight when you are gone
    These tears of fright, my sorrow's sewn... more »

  • Redwood

    The lightning strikes, but the land is dry,
    The Angels, too afraid to fly,
    Huddle in the great redwood,
    Their heads bowed under their hoods,... more »

  • Romeo

    Our Romeo snuck in the tomb
    Not waiting for his Juliet.
    Yet knowing his impending doom,
    He sat on the cold floor and wept.... more »

  • Sad Thoughts

    Elderly wounds have yet to fade,
    Fore pain still lingers to this day.
    Every since you said good bye,
    This shallow grave in which I lie,... more »

  • The End

    Tormented life, will never speak
    Of tragedy, I always keep
    Torture myself with greedy lies
    I pray for death, in my warped mind... more »

  • The Road

    I walk along this dusty road,
    I’ve contemplated love and life,
    These thoughts are getting hard to bode
    I need an end to this damn strife... more »

  • The Time I'Ve Spent

    The time I've spent thinking of you,
    It seems to me, that's all I do,
    The time I've spent, in covert ache,
    To know your soul, to see you wake... more »

  • These Thoughts

    He has these thoughts, terror stricken
    I don't know what to make of him
    People will not just let him be
    They talk to him, yet cannot see... more »

  • Through His Soul

    He’d always searched for the words to say,
    To let her know how he had felt,
    She had to find out one of these days
    The way she had made his heart melt... more »

  • Vent The Flame

    A happy face is painted on
    The sorrow stricken tears are gone
    It's just my thoughts that betry me
    Thoughts you can't hear, thoughts you can't see... more »

  • Walk In Shadows

    As I watch life pass me by
    Still I continue to hide
    Finding strength in nothing now
    My thoughts blanked out by my shouts... more »

  • Weak

    Deafening Noise nobody hears
    These voices take shape to my fear
    Open my eyes, yet see no light
    There are no enemies to fight... more »

  • Your Lips

    I slowly dream away the night,
    Just thinking that we feel so right.
    I pray you know I need you near.
    Your siren call is all I hear.... more »