• Desert Stream

    A stream flowing through the desert,
    Too scarce for its dwellers to see... more »

  • Good-Bye

    The thought of saying
    good-bye to you is so bitter,... more »

  • Someday

    ... more »

  • Thank You

    For the joy that you impart,
    Hope you'll always be like that.
    For the beauty of your heart,
    Hope we'll never be apart.... more »

  • Thanks

    In the relentless storms of anxiety
    you gave a helping hand,... more »

  • The Day I Met You

    I knew what i had found,
    The day i met you.... more »

  • To You My Friend

    In a relentless storm,
    your hand you've extended.
    The support to me you've shown,
    and help me succeed as i intended.... more »