He is a poet, playwright, novelist, musician, and a language teacher. He was born on the 19th april 1991, kirombe Alokolum in Gulu municipality found in northern Uganda. He went for his primary school in Gulu prison primary, secondary school at St. joseph's college Layibi and later joined Gulu central high school where he finished his advanced level of education. later, he joined Gulu university where he was admitted for bachelor in arts education with subject combination of English and literature. He is Pauline lukwayi by mother's name and Justine Lukwayi by father's name. He Jonam by tribe and he come from the royal family but grew up in Acholi land.Ryekotoo julius peter who is well known by his friends as JULIUS PRECIOUS had a lot of experience on Acholi land that's why most of his poems venture in to socioeconomic and political life. northern Uganda underwent 25 years of war in that many people's life were claimed, if you read his poem ' sounds of gun' and 'thirsty soul' you will get life during the 25 years war and its effects which he pointed it out in his poem 'thirsty soul'. He is working on more his novel and play as more poems will be coming. His art work is dedicated to his mother, father and all Jonam tribe in Pubungu. He extended his dedication to Jerome Okumu, Samuel Omona, Reagan Jacan, Irene Angwech, Cynthia Rose Aol, Christopher Openy, and Brian Olonycon. the above are his brothers and sisters


Ryekotoo Julius Peter Poems


It's knitted to my feet.
Never torn a part
like pistol and mortar,
It's a superb companion... more »

That Night

That night,
when dream was about to come,
I heard man made thunders
Earsplitting and striking,... more »


Yesterday, I read in the university library
amidst elites, I supposed!
It was not a library of books only
But that of randy ladies.... more »

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Not because of manliness rather beastility every creature ferries, power that shall be upon whom i must blame yet control is bestowed like amulet... I dore all fathers but heartfelt to the one who dropped his liquid and made me.
Birthday Speech 19/04/2014
The death of a father is a handover ceremony that the son or sons must take over.
women are the authors of crime

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