• A Labyrinth Onward To Civilization

    They tell you to sleep with one eye open.
    But it's always hard to tell which one watches you.
    Can you see through vicious eyes?
    Into the land of ______?... more »

  • An Ode To Distance

    I only long to be near you.
    I only yearn just to feel the touch of you on my skin.
    And this is the only more that I can do.
    I can only long, yearn, and wish for you.... more »

  • Because It's Love

    I can't give up on you,
    because it's love.
    I can't ever let you go,
    because it's true love.... more »

  • Breathing Without Oxygen

    What happens when our friendship isn't worth saving?
    What happens when everything we've gone through is all thrown away?
    Can you actually remember a time where we haven't fought this year?
    I can.... more »

  • Can You Cure The Silence?

    I miss the sound of your sweet loving voice.
    The way every time I saw you my heart rejoiced.
    If I could just see your gleaming face,
    I would leap for joy all the way to outer space.... more »

  • Can You Read Between The Lines?

    Life is much like a wilted rose.
    Everything is great when you are standing tall and proud.
    You then begin to grow with the rest of the patch.
    Different sorts of flowers.... more »

  • Change

    Everything around me is changing,
    subtly and dramatically.
    And here I am,... more »

  • Choked Up

    When I told you that I loved you, the words didn't come as easily as you thought they did.

    The movie replayed in my head over and over again.... more »

  • Closure

    And there he goes,
    the life that he fore-chose.
    Never coming back to return,
    no more yearning for his concern.... more »

  • Deciduous Tree Of Life

    The leaves slowly flow down from the ever-so-deciduous tree.
    The tree of life.
    Many have said people have tried finding it,
    Others,... more »

  • Eternal Anesthetic

    Maybe it's the eternal anesthetic,
    that I need.
    Saying goodbye,
    was the easiest word to come out of his mouth.... more »

  • Fast Forward, Please

    I wasn't put on this earth,
    for pleasing everyone.
    I wasn't put on this earth,
    for everyone to like me.... more »

  • Fore He Promised

    She presses the send button,
    not thinking of the consequences before her.
    Fore he said he promises,
    O' course shall I believe him,... more »

  • Goodbye

    Have you heard the hardest word in the English language?
    The hint,
    it's the last thing you're gonna hear,
    when you hurt the one you love.... more »

  • How Do You Know?

    ... more »

  • I Was Never Gone

    Hello feeling that I've become so accustomed to.
    I hadn't felt you in awhile,
    so I thought you had deceased.
    But once again,... more »

  • I'M Just Trying To Save You

    With the path of life that you are taking,
    isn't a very bright one.
    You are on the path towards destruction.
    I'm just trying to save you,... more »

  • Is It?

    I love you.
    Is that enough to prove that I'd die for you?
    I need you.
    Is that enough to prove that I'd suffer the pain for you?... more »

  • Is There Love?

    'I'm not the right one for you...'
    'There are better guys out there for you...'
    Those were the words,
    the sentences,... more »

  • It's A Battlefield

    Little white lines, all in a row.
    An army banded together,
    do they protect or destroy?
    Once upon a time,... more »

  • Merely A Dream

    And she plummeted, just as a sinking ship glides down to the ocean floor.
    She plummeted down, down, down.
    And as she plummeted down, down, down, her eyes turned to milky saucers.
    Her ears filled with the water for which she plummeted down into.... more »

  • Nameless

    Silence was the loudest resonance that rang into her ears.
    She could endure the ever-lasting noise which came from her peers mouth's.
    But when the silence came,
    It was unbearable.... more »

  • Poem Philosophy

    Sometimes I just need to be
    In the right mood to write poetry.
    Sometimes I just need to be
    In the write mood to right poetry.... more »

  • Previous Life

    I've only known you for a small amount of days,
    but I feel as though I've known you forever.
    sharing secrets,... more »

  • Running Thoughts

    When I think of life ahead, I always think of you, my darling.
    I dream of you, your wonderful smile, your joyous laugh, your loving eyes. I cherish every moment my presence is with you.

    My heart pounds, my eyes gaze, my head whirls when I see you. If you were to leave, I don't know what would happen.... more »