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RyuOh Kenshin Poems

An Angel In The Water

Like The Goddess of the Sea
Like A Mermaid In Heaven
Shrouded in the icy blue sea, accompanied by the sun phoenix's rays lingering and dancing in the water,
She hides in the water where the sun glared into the sea,... more »

Dark Crescent Moon Waves

Walking on the beach,
Staring at the sea of eternity
on how it is so serene at night,
watching the dark water is lit up by the crescent moon that is sunken... more »

14 Shades Of Grey

where do i belong
where do i fit
i feel like white sheep with black clothing
unwanted, distant from everybody else... more »

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Spencer Reuillard 06 Jul 2007 04:58
Yes.... indeed. I like the emotions that poor out in your poetry... i cn relate to alot of them too! Im glad I read them, they inspire me to write more. Thank you... keep em comin!