• A 'More (Love)

    The empowerment and lose,
    of mind, body and spirit.
    overwhelming every sense of self,... more »

  • Vanishing Lady

    Darkness, cold like the ages of time, all enveloping.
    Suddenly light, it flows like colorful ribbons of play, streaming beams of warmth cover and desend. Walking in and l feel her beauty, emerging, gliding, eloquently as the waltz, midst the season of coming out time and tea parties.
    And the darkness returns as my lady leaves, it envelopes, lays it cold icy hands amidst souls once again, taking away this light of beauty with its rays of warm embrace. Where have you gone? my vanishing lady....... more »

  • Will You Wait..For Me?

    Living my life and learning to love
    Faith unseen, for things above
    The smell of fresh flowers, the touch of ones hand
    A heart that is beating, like the drums of a band... more »