• Clouds

    The frosted, starlit clouds creep by
    Across the moonless, inky sky.
    The wind's captives the clouds march on
    Shoved rudely forward till the dawn.... more »

  • Rain

    The raindrops dear,
    So crisp and clear,
    Sing now soft and slow.
    Sweet voices hum,... more »

  • Silken Music

    Silken music,
    Softly entwine
    Souls desperate
    For their repose... more »

  • Softly, Sleep

    Let the darkness, sweet and mild,
    Rock you like a little child.
    Let the black and velvet sky
    Sing you a soft lullaby.... more »

  • Stars

    In the night,
    The stars shine bright,
    Though there is no moon tonight.
    Bright as day,... more »

  • The Flower

    In the wind, it sways so gently.
    Looking up, it stays contently
    In one place, roots growing deep:
    Joyfulness, for us to keep.... more »