I was born in a mediocre farmer family of Ghazipur Distt., U.P. India. After my primary education, I had to shift to Delhi for higher education. After graduated from Delhi University, there I also acquired P.G. Degree in Commerce and Degree at Law. I got employed in a Govt. of India Enterprise at middle management level. In fact I was a 'born poet' but in the beginning, I had to keep the poetic talent aside, so as to have job oriented education. Lived my childhood in a village thus I was very closed to nature. I loved the sparrows, parrots and other birds, liked to watch raining, green fields, orchards, running calves and lambs, plucking fruits, playing in streets etc. I am also fond of travelling and visiting new places.

Poemhunter played a great role in developing my poetic talent. My two English poetry books 'The Singing Breeze' and 'Birds of Chanting Words' have been published by Notion Press. My twenty books written in Hindi language were released together on 4th November,2018 and my this unique work is registered in 'India Book of Records'. My published Hindi books are:
Dilli ke Jharokhe, Duniya Gir Gayee, Gungunati Hawa, Kavita to Bolegi, Pyaar ka Pinjara, Kya Sakhi Saajan, Chaand ke Gaanv, Geet Gunjan, Muhabbat ke Moti, Nanhin, Bolate Moti, Haiku Shastra, Tere Naam ke Moti, Motiyan ki Ladi, Ashik Ali ki Holi, Inaki Unaki, Base Videsh, Videsh ki Chatani, Paanch Daane Moti, Haiku Ramayan, Ram ka Vakeel

Few more books are under publication. Other than chalices on A.P., I have been honoured by various Certificates of Honour by different Institutions. This is yet beginning of my poetry-journey.

All the poems posted on Poemhunter are my copy right.

S. D. Tiwari



माँ गंगा Maan Ganga (Hindi)

माँ गंगा

धोती धोती तन धोती माँ
धोती धोती मन धोती माँ... more »

Shav Ka Panchnaama (Hindi) शव का पंचनामा

न तो वह नेता था
न फिल्मों का नायक,
न कोई बड़ा खिलाडी
न ही कोई गायक।... more »

Christmas Carol

Christmas carol

Let the season flow
the sweetness of love,... more »

S.D. TIWARI Quotes

What's the beauty of life; is the darkness of tomorrow.
बड़ों का फर्ज प्यार और सुरक्षा छोटों का कर्ज
चलो क्यों न जिंदगी की कुछ गति घटा लें, यूँ हम थोड़े लंबे समय तक चल लेंगे। - एस० डी० तिवारी Why don't we reduce speed of life, by this we can walk for bit more of time. S. D. Tiwari

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Very nice
Dr John Celes 05 Jul 2015 05:36
bahut acchi kavithayein pyare shabd se likthe aap. shukriya