• 12th Dec.

    unique dawn... more »

  • 18 Till Die

    Glistening, dreaming eyes
    lived today, hoped for future;
    heart: full of winning spirit,
    courage, craze and adventures.... more »

  • A Cup Of Tea, Ghazal

    Every morning my soul craves, a cup of tea.
    Before anything else, it says, a cup of tea.

    The Sun awakes the sleeping night, always,... more »

  • A Fight With Cockroach

    Mona was laid on her bed
    There crept on her leg
    Who did there approach?
    Oh, it was a big cockroach... more »

  • A Flash Of Love

    Outside the beauty parlour
    I saw the glamour
    Began swimming over... more »

  • A Lullaby

    It's bed time, O night! be fine,
    my baby goes to sleep.
    O chirpy birds! don't now disturb,
    my child goes to sleep.... more »

  • A Price Game

    Inflate the price two hundred
    and give a discount of fifty
    or launch scheme buy two get three
    still gain the profit hefty.... more »

  • Aag Lagane Ki Adat (Hindi) आग लगाने की आदत

    इंसान को तो आग लगाने की आदत है यारो
    इंसानों में भी, बेझिझक आग लगा देता है।

    आग से खेलना, उसकी फितरत हो शायद... more »

  • Aao Seekhen Haiku आओ सीखें हाइकू

    आओ सीखें हाइकू

    हाइकू परिचय... more »

  • Abbreviation, Haiku


    labour and government tax... more »

  • Abdul Hameed

    As a plan of defence and to reply enemy's attacks
    On grenadier's positions, being repeatedly made,
    He occupied a vital area in the new defence plan,
    A firm hold on that place was essential to sustain.... more »

  • Acquited With Honor

    acquitted after
    ten years from jail with honor
    the poor innocent... more »

  • Act Of Silly, Limerick

    Lived under a leaf the fish, travelly.
    Jumped to lotus from the waterlily.
    Thought to go on higher leaf
    In the air, she went in grief... more »

  • Addiction To Poetry

    The Sun begins to shine in the sky,
    petals of the lotus open on its top.
    I take my morning tea cup
    and simultaneously open the laptop.... more »

  • Address Of God

    God is generator operator destroyer.
    Can create whatever he desires.
    Can place things anywhere he likes
    The mind of god is open as sky.... more »

  • Address Of Your Home, Triolet

    I wanted to have best car, but here's no road unto you.
    I wished to fly in plane, but no airport at your home.
    I learnt that one has to walk, all the way to reach you.
    I wished to have best car, but here's no road unto you.... more »

  • Admiyata

    क्यों चले हो पशु बनने को
    थोड़ी मिट्टी थोड़ा कागज लेकर?
    खो दिया तो पा न सकोगे आदमियता
    फिर, प्राणों की भी आहुति देकर i... more »

  • Ai Kavita Meri (Hindi) ऐ कविता मेरी

    ऐ कविता मेरी

    बता तनिक ऐ कविता मेरी
    कहाँ से तुम चली आई हो।... more »

  • Alibaba @ 40 Codes

    Alibaba @ 40 codes

    You must be ATM and credit card holders,
    Have to open SIM, secret files and folders;... more »

  • Am I A Master

    I am the master, master of art
    can paint the true pictures:
    of rising sun, mountain, sea
    through the jungles flowing rivers.... more »

  • Amusing Names

    I love to hold the ladies finger and gobble if fried.
    But wonder, if drumstick beats drum or abdomen?
    Egg grown on eggplant or from egg, plant is grown?
    Radish is not red dish, mostly I see green and white.... more »

  • Andhera (Hindi Ghazal) अँधेरा

    अँधेरा जब भी गहराता है।
    प्यार और गहरा हो जाता है।
    रात भर करके इंतजार ही
    किसी को सवेरा मिल पाता है।... more »

  • Animal's Picnic, Limerick

    Few animals made their mood,
    to go for a picnic out of woods.
    To the town they walked.
    Saw people, home-locked.... more »

  • Animal's Ponder

    Animals too have blood, soul and suffer pain.
    What they ponder within their little brain:
    'Beware of human! they kill brutally, the beasts.
    Despite God has given them, a lot other feasts.... more »

  • Anna Hazare

    A ctivist of Anti-corruption movement
    N apped the people's bill into parliament,
    N o force could tremble your aim
    A n uninterrupted march to achieve the same.... more »