• A Knight Curses God In The 1361 Plague

    When I was a young esquire, O God,
    as battle raged on every side of me,
    I stood upon a hill of heads and limbs
    and stared to see you grinning in the clouds,... more »

  • A Woman In A Very Hostile Land

    She’s eighteen, she gets married,
    Up till then life was varied,
    But that’s how life goes as far as she knows,
    A woman in a very hostile land.... more »

  • Concerning Joe Mccarthy

    The seeking mind’s not only quite uncouth,
    But shamelessly subversive, so they say;
    It wastes the enterprising years of youth
    On heresies. But who are they... more »

  • Drought Deterred

    Staten Island summer.
    Lawns dry and bleached as sand,
    leaves withering like wrinkled old men
    while we sog and sweat... more »

  • Mr. Wenceslas

    Mr. Wenceslas went out
    From his door one morning.
    So much smog was round about
    He couldn’t see the dawning.... more »

  • O Oil Slick

    O oil slick, O oil slick,
    You make a pretty rainbow.
    O oil slick, O oil slick,
    You give me such a pain, though.... more »

  • Oahu

    Here on this island, summer never sleeps.
    In the green valleys, smoke in cane-time drifts
    With mist—frail tide that laps the chasmed deeps
    Between the steep clean hills as the sea-tide... more »

  • Song Of The Exiles

    Listen cousins, and daughters and sons,
    This is the song of the exiled ones.

    Run away to the mountain, go hide in the cave,... more »

  • Sonnet To J.L. #1

    I wonder why your ships are painted green
    While ours are gray? I’ve heard some sailors say
    That swift ships, camouflaged, can move unseen
    Against the sea. Strange, though, it’s always cold gray... more »

  • Sonnet To J.L. #5

    Let us spare ourselves from even brief
    Regrets when we remember our last night
    Together; nor should we regret the grief
    Our parting caused us. No one can say... more »

  • Sonnet: To Emily Dickinson

    She speaks for those who cannot speak at all,
    For those upon whom fate and chance have fed,
    Yet whose mute hearts since the Couple’s fall
    Have sought the golden apples, not the red.... more »

  • The Hills Of Aiea

    To the hills of Aiea, Kamehameha came,
    Lord of his people on isles beyond his seeing.
    Shading his eyes, the king stood cloaked in fame
    And crowned by a curious crested feathered helm.... more »

  • The Sixties-Excerpt

    More than thirty years have come and gone.
    Phony patriots still sell out America,
    chop at the Constitution with Dark Age axes,
    poison the air and water,... more »