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Concise, observant, thoughtful...Goldner flies past and leaves you with your mouth hanging open. Kept me reading.
hows you ego. Wha makes you special.
I like your poem.hows you ego
guess you don't accept PMs. was just remembering you, and thought I'd see how you're doing. feel free to find me. http: //www.facebook.com/starrydynamo440 Hope you're doing well. Jake
to the depths? oh wow! I find thee.
in another world: the flower that I wish to pick in this world: the flower that I wish to grow
Has anyone told you lately your intelligence compliments your beauty? It does.
You put the S in Satire! Brilliant poetry.
The highest homage I can proffer is my uncertainty.I do not know if I like your work or not.I have never made such a statement before. Ngaio Beck