• 21 And Rising

    my words fill in blank memories,
    while images of you stay fresh like ocean air—
    weaved in my soul like the braids of my hair.... more »

  • 3: 17 Am: I Have Just Realized

    These poems have come
    Without a bottle
    A shot
    A pint... more »

  • 40 Oz To Conformity

    “Rat tat tat, ” storm winds at your door,
    Harmonies of nature
    Parade across the floor
    Valiant in this... more »

  • 80's Child

    When that music hits all eyes swarm
    Who is this girl kickin’ it
    To the beat right on time
    Leg warmered shins flyin’... more »

  • A No-Show Drive-In

    they come to my house,
    passionate lovers;
    have not quite turned the cusp to manhood
    —with great heads of hair... more »

  • A Rose In Birth

    I'm a disgrace to the life
    I lived as a girl—
    she would be ashamed
    to have me in the world.... more »

  • Absurditty

    Great passion
    To a small area.... more »

  • An Argument Against Having And Wanting

    I've done well, my love, to stay away from the hotel,
    until the other morning. Heartsick and betrayed,
    I sat staring (with an eerily calm serenity)
    at the mundane structure... more »

  • Apocalypse

    ... more »

  • April Music

    I'd like to spend
    April, sitting on a hill,
    With a mushroom for
    a parasol and violets... more »

  • Assed Out

    When you put your ass
    into a poem
    People know it.... more »

  • Autumn Gust

    The artist is the artist is the
    lover is the destroyer
    is the creator.... more »

  • Backfire

    She could have been our worst enemy;
    you're lucky she destroyed herself
    instead of us.... more »

  • Ballerina Hues: Haiku

    i won't second-guess
    why rose-leaves die of grieving:... more »

  • Beset, Reset

    And listen to Antony & the Johnsons while sunning,
    I reach down and slide my pants beneath the curve of my bum
    and let the warm light spread over the small roundness—... more »

  • Bird Girl

    Some say I may just be
    Stretching my wings.
    “Oh don’t worry, she’s just
    Stretching her wings.... more »

  • Blend

    clothed in chauvinism
    indelible tie and crisp
    linen... more »

  • Born-Poet

    you go to a nice grade school
    an even nicer high school

    you go off to a decent university... more »

  • Brewski

    holy crap! the air in here is affecting my brain.
    holy crap! get this girl a cold brew—
    fast!... more »

  • Brooding Hen And Her Alibi, The

    In the eye of the storm
    shall rest our eternal redemption.

    I stand by the bathroom window,... more »

  • By The Bedside

    there's no universal way to demonstrate tenderness
    each person shows it differently

    like the leaves fall from the trees... more »

  • Catalyst, The

    for the first time:
    i wasn't in it for the attention
    just so you know;
    i wasn't in it for the drama—... more »

  • Catch What She's Drivin' At.

    Step light-footed
    into a game
    that's already begun,
    that's now nearly over.... more »

  • Celibate Mouthwash

    God forbid! a girl admits she’s lonely.
    But for a guy? —Oh, that’s so sexy.
    God forbid! a woman’s never been with the same man
    For more than 3 months... more »

  • Christmas Eve

    First time i saw her in over a dozen years
    was to watch her cry.

    The way her shape laid next to me on the bed,... more »