• Coffee Gal

    Why would i be frothy
    when i can be straight and dark,
    rich, dazzlingly vanilla?
    no foam for me thanks.... more »

  • Color Of Jade, The

    I hate opening up the magazines
    And AIM home pages in the grocery store and
    On my computer and knowing that I’m prettier
    Than most all the girls I see displayed... more »

  • Colorado In March

    I’d travel the country
    writing songs for you
    if I thought for a minute
    you’d see me in a diff’rent view.... more »

  • Come September, Come Now.

    'What, did you love him? ' Yes.
    Almost automatically. Like my name
    or my address. Picking at
    broiled chicken, and string beans,... more »

  • Compulsory Unsung Heroes Make Glamorous, Like War.

    Flippant, fixated, chauvinistic male hogs
    with tingling loins as eyes:... more »

  • Confidence At The Collar

    (It’s amazing what a popped-up collar
    Does for a gent’s self esteem:
    “Hey fella! with your turned-up Lacoste,
    Mind if I turn it down a notch….“)... more »

  • Contain Yourself

    Jesus, when men fucking come so fast
    It’s like show a little goddamm control
    You broke the record last time for shortest release
    Now can you hold out till I at least near the peak.... more »

  • Crossroads Canteen

    Long islands and olive martinis
    are the summer night favorites.
    Once in awhile, you get the—
    “Hey one more round of Guinness this way! ”... more »

  • Daffodil

    Sitting at the christened tablecloth
    in a yellow strapless gown,
    gandering at each of my brothers,
    stapled visages of the beau ideal,... more »

  • Dancer's Will

    To run up the steps with my pink ballet bag,... more »

  • Day 1/Sidewalk Vendor

    midday and i wait in line at a grocery store
    —immersed in the chaos,
    only to find they won’t take my ATM card.... more »

  • Day 3/Brooklyn Sound Bar

    the sanitation committee rolls by
    & i'm concerned more and more
    with how i look through other people's eyes.... more »

  • Day 5/Minetta Lane

    “One caviar crab roll, PLEASE, and one fork.”
    The lady gives me a baffled look
    and hands me a pair of chopsticks.... more »

  • Dear Lindsey

    that's the last thought i have -
    of you and Candace
    bringing in the raffle gifts to the house.... more »

  • Debut And You Spring Forth, Full Of Overconfidence.

    listen to you guys, it's the same goddamned shit all the time.
    crack joe mama's behind the frick fine arts building—
    stash the bottles of wine with Joel, he drank too much
    puked in class. Posvar was closed again; lights are out.... more »

  • Deep In The Thrust Of Things

    I cannot help but to notice
    the symmetry between
    the lapping of the waves
    & the lapping of your ball-sac... more »

  • Delusional Illusion

    Humor is your greatest defense
    but the irony has had a bitter influence—
    it’s turned compassion inside out
    renting more space to doubt.... more »

  • Destructive

    she’s a martyr
    a prophet
    a poet... more »

  • Discrimination

    everybody knows
    You say Dylan
    I say Cohen... more »

  • Dissent Is Patriotic

    In the corners of darkness,
    bad luck has lingered,
    and now comes forth
    with a gluttonous mind.... more »

  • Divergent Kingdom Come

    She emerges from her house—like a wolf out of her den;
    her green eyes mocking the moon.
    Cradling her liquor like a still-born child,
    she stretches forth one dead hand and tells me to... more »

  • Divided We Fall

    I don’t want to be one of those—bewailing in the wanton azure—
    “I could have been so much more than this! ”

    With my heart all curdled... more »

  • Dorm # 812

    your letter peeks out
    from in between my bookshelves;
    you have no idea how much I need you.... more »

  • Dormant

    I called you on the phone
    & smacked my ass;
    you said it would turn you on.
    I flipped you like a light... more »

  • Echo

    benign voices of compassion
    fall on deaf ears.

    switching consciences... more »