• Guilt

    I hear the car thunder over the bridge,
    plowing over the white stones once more—
    around the graphite circle
    like it's done a million times before.... more »

  • Gypsy St.

    city to suburb
    suburb to city to country.

    plucking an iris,... more »

  • Handprint On A Wave

    She knew how memory worked.
    Last time she had seen him
    he had been perfected
    Ly etched in her mind;... more »

  • Happy Hour

    my dad hides his whiskey

    in the toy closet
    beside the plastic planes... more »

  • He Said He Went Sailing

    A moth beats in time with a ship’s wake in the distance
    while a staring contest takes place between a squirrel &
    a girl vicinal, as the rodent nibbles on his breakfast nuts;
    I’m lighting down a cigarette—first I’ve had in months.... more »

  • Heat

    Shuffling over to the bed in the
    Red bra, he commands playfully,
    (affectionate but demanding) -
    'Cinnamon tits'... more »

  • Her Corn Stalk Shadow

    i wonder how many men
    have fallen in love with her.

    they debate in the lengthening stalk... more »

  • Hibernating

    the pine needles are encrusted with ice;
    we melt them with our heat,
    the warm place we created for ourselves.... more »

  • High And Anything But Dry

    “Let me smell [your hair] again? ”
    And then he kissed my ear
    and found my lips-... more »

  • Hovercraft

    The most destructive people
    are the ones who do not know
    what they need. She had said to him—
    months ago from the passenger seat.... more »

  • Huntress Of Poems

    i do not share my body
    as of late- i share my mind.

    i've lost a lot of lovers,... more »

  • Ice Cream On The Hood Of His Truck Says I Love You.

    He's gonna miss my hand
    swimming beneath white linens;
    residue on my panties
    is no longer from you.... more »

  • Icy Hot

    dumping ice on the hot—
    the heated exchange
    cool it off
    chill it out... more »

  • Id. Transferred Guilt Or Grief

    she has one of those tans
    you can wipe off with your hands
    that orange – pasty glow.... more »

  • Incapable Of Small Talk

    what separates us from the animals
    is nothing worth preaching about.

    most, you need to earn their respect... more »

  • Indivinity

    you're so far away,
    but yet I feel so close to you
    because your evil
    is incredibly potent... more »

  • Intelligence Foregone

    Regardless of what I say:
    witty remark or clever relay—
    current ideals or worldly perception
    all of my own, original revelation,... more »

  • Irregarding Pulchritude

    maybe they turned me away for
    a girl who ate on dates—
    maybe they turned me away for... more »

  • It's Been Too Long Getting Something For Nothing.

    We could try and function like
    normal human beings and not these
    nocturnal nightowls, we make ourselves... more »

  • Jekyll's Wrestling Hyde With A Home Point Advantage.

    the thing is we weren't spoiled;
    we had money to burn
    but we weren't spoiled.... more »

  • Jinxed

    And when they discuss
    they discuss all the things
    they’ll never do
    and when they converse... more »

  • Jonbenet’s Final Heur

    A decade ago
    your smile was eternally
    sequestered.... more »

  • July In October: Forbidden Angst

    The shell of the egg, clings to the embryonic core,
    not wanting to release or expose itself to the harsh, biting world.

    It's a blistering dawn. My head feels like an active volcano... more »

  • Kindle Wood

    No finite point has meaning without an infinite reference point.
    - Sartre

    Breeze turns to wind... more »

  • Kiss Me Shallow

    When the winter starts raking in,
    my body automatically responds.

    the drafts that trip under the attic door,... more »