• Redux

    do not let praise
    get to your pen;

    do not let compliments... more »

  • Remedy

    unable to contend
    emotional pain-... more »

  • Rock Star Factor Or Walks Like A Lover

    He walks like a lover: mysterious and wise
    chestnut hair hides two hazel eyes
    leaving girls in his wake begging for more—
    cause to him it's just the thrill of the lure.... more »

  • Roller Coaster Summer

    no wonder all the young men & women would
    flock to the roller coasters in the early summer,
    as the crocuses are blooming and the tulips are
    peaking open their petals.... more »

  • Rosemary

    Lady in black and white
    to be taught what of the gray area,
    I've wandered into.
    Deafened by her own voice preaching,... more »

  • Rsvp

    All of a sudden—i feel like a mouse in a cage,
    this much madness is too much to gage.

    A symmetry worshipper in stolen verse... more »

  • Salacious Sonar

    bare shoulder poking thru
    a ripped gray sweatshirt,

    brunette hair tousled-... more »

  • Saving Precious Time With A Permanent Resolve

    We all have our addictions
    like playgrounds
    for the sane,
    insane.... more »

  • Sea Takes The Ship, The

    What they want are more gravestones to topple,
    frost to whet their blighted voices.
    - Bill Rasmovicz, from 'Crows'... more »

  • Sea-Glass

    it was right after your sister's fiancée
    died. i drove to your house in
    my dad's cadillac.
    it was raining and by the time i got there,... more »

  • Septemberish Eve

    My cat listens as the crickets trigger nightfall—
    stretching a lulling sound across the landscape
    in harmonious unison. The air is damp and dewy
    —fresh and alive from a 2-day rain shower.... more »

  • Set Of Scales: Haiku

    ... more »

  • She Wore Watercolors Into The Ocean

    Enticing the freedom of the creviced earth
    a young woman was fleeing the very
    confines of her creature,
    when she fell into the orphic mist of a fjord... more »

  • So Appropriate

    ... more »

  • Something More Than Puppy Love, For Paul.

    It was First Grade.
    You first noticed me.
    In true form—
    you never wasted any time... more »

  • Song

    Every morning I arise to the sound of geese against sky—
    wishing it were seagulls over grain.

    Never to have been broken by love;... more »

  • Spoils And Snobs

    i'm not a snob
    —so you can never accuse me of that;
    i'm a spoil.... more »

  • Spring Groundhog! : Haiku

    after months of sleep... more »

  • Start, Stop, Bulimia.

    And then the compliments start
    And continue to roll in,
    And then the flatterings stop
    And the whispers start;... more »

  • Stray Cats

    The gray one,
    and the gashed one
    look on enviously... more »

  • Sunday Night Für Elise

    ... more »

  • Sunday, March 12th

    my mom hides the
    kitchen knives.

    She's on to me.... more »

  • Talk The Line

    It’s the little man who puts down
    A girl for having less sexual experiences;
    It’s the little man who needs to feel big
    By having more casual encounters.... more »

  • Tangerine Skirt: A Prose Piece

    My roommate comes in and complains about the Comcast bill and I nod in acknowledgment. Nothing can bother me on such a beautiful day. Watching the leaves rustle in the breeze distracts me from her carping. I get up from my bed and stroll out to the balcony. The sky is a brilliant baby blue and thoughts are unfolding like the songs of the robins on the rooftops. Jim comes and I can tell he got some color on his Irish skin from his yacht trip to Anapolis Harbor.

    We leave to get a case of American Ice for his swimming buddies. On any numbered summer afternoon you can walk by 257 Atwood and join in on a game of beer pong. The boys take turns supplying the house by way of the distributor up the street where they are welcome costumers compared to the scoffing fraternity brothers. Jim and I face off with Chad and Tommy—a genuine pair whose friendship is rooted in the most simple affection. We play well into the evening and just as the sun ducks below the horizon, a flash of orange illuminates my tangerine skirt.... more »

  • Tapped Out Drunk And In Too Deep

    She's glad she's not perfect,
    It intimidates him,
    them: the lovers that came before.... more »