• Tears

    expressing joy or sadness
    tumbling down the side of your cheek
    Not stopping... more »

  • Testified

    configuring words on a page
    does not make me an artist
    but,... more »

  • Thatcher: A Dog's Pride

    I stand in the silhouette
    of his staunched golden greatness
    and imitate his bark—just once.
    and he turns to look at me... more »

  • The A7

    once out in Pittsburgh i took a bus
    and rode it to the end of the line—
    just for the hell of it.... more »

  • The Quiver Of Tenacity Growing Fainter, Which Each Passing Lover...

    If it hadn't been me, it would have been someone else.

    All i was going to say to you tonight upon seeing you
    was: Lauren is a very lucky girl.... more »

  • These Modern Stalkers

    they are the beefcakes & contessas
    not used to ever being

    denied... more »

  • Time's Ship

    my watch is futile:
    the waves count the minutes... more »

  • To Answer Your Question

    I preferred it when—you—were
    a stupid boy in love with an ideal of me
    (obsessedly orgasmic over his passions)
    and not this grown man who has responsibilities... more »

  • Transcendental Brilliance

    You know, when an artist
    hits the nail on the head... more »

  • Transition With A Dose Of Dread

    Mother swipes the keys & hides them from me-
    gives her an illusory sense of control,
    now that she's grasping at straws.... more »

  • Transumer

    Girls that try to impress
    with the way that they dress
    have got it all backward.... more »

  • Understanding Your Silence

    It’s funny how when someone betrays you,
    they cannot bring themselves to meet your face
    dead-on. The more recent the betrayal
    the more apparent this silly... more »

  • Unspent

    sure, i'll let you use my lips to practice kissing—
    in fact, i'll even run my tongue over yours a few
    and make like i'm kissing back
    but they'll be no... more »

  • Untitled 1

    Attraction is such a delicate thing
    like the direction of a kite’s tail
    in a sea-side gust;... more »

  • Untitled 2

    cast my graduation picture into the rain—
    watched as the glass shattered under the stars
    and the frame dislodge itself from my face,
    as if to say, “At last.”... more »

  • Untitled 3

    My breasts are so soft and warm
    They billow out of my bra on a Sunday’s afternoon
    Fluctuating size from time to time
    They’ve seemed to take on a life all their own.... more »

  • Untitled 4

    upside down in a Philadelphia crowd -
    like keeping my wit on lockdown,
    out at the bars Manayunk to Center
    and the boys become prettier.... more »

  • Up & Coming Updates

    And I suddenly do not care
    if I’m not likeable
    anymore;... more »

  • Up Yours

    So if a girl is passionate, confident,
    She’s “up yours” by way of bores.
    If she’s casually candid, outspoken,
    She’s “up yours” by slight of words.... more »

  • Us Girls

    I will not be

    Strung out
    Hung out... more »

  • Verdict

    the most depressing
    thought to me... more »

  • Vindictive Loyalty

    They say from where I've came
    And where I've been
    That I broke everyone's heart
    And I did it laughing.... more »

  • Vows

    There are several things, before we wed.
    There are several things, that were not said.

    At the cost of being immoral - -... more »

  • Waves

    i’d like to bet—no wave curls the same;
    the mist that ricochets upward
    dissolves into sky
    as the white crest races toward the sand.... more »

  • Wishy Washy Like Sidelining A Car Wash

    But yet I don't think women truly like it
    when another woman speaks her mind.
    because part of her wishes she had done it-... more »