i have moved many places and had many things happen in my life. i loved my old home. now i have moved and all of the sudden when im sad i pull out my note book and i write poems.and i write my feelings and how i feel. things just worked out that i found this website.


S.M. Riggin Poems

A Mother Is...

a mother is loving,
she stays up all night with
your sicknesses coughing and howling
patting you back, comforting... more »

I'Ll Be There

I'll be there in your darkest hour.
I'll comfort you in your loneliest time.
I'll hug you in your longest sorrows
I'll hold you in your time of need.... more »


I can still remember that night,
that night you said you loved me.
holding hands with you,
i love you too.... more »

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