• ' The Talk'

    I say we need a' talk
    then before i know it
    I'm left Alone
    holding back the tears... more »

  • A Friend

    I am a friend,
    I am someone who is there,
    I am someone whose shoulders are wet from your tears,
    I am someone who shares your aches... more »

  • A Mother Is...

    a mother is loving,
    she stays up all night with
    your sicknesses coughing and howling
    patting you back, comforting... more »

  • A True Friend.

    You were there for me
    even when HE wasnt.
    making me feel better
    when he didnt... more »

  • After You

    Searching my soul
    stripped after you
    I dont know who I am,
    or what I want.... more »

  • Angels Without Wings.

    Tonight I was saved,
    tonight I knew I was loved,
    they came just in time to help me
    I was taken out of the situation... more »

  • Buliding A Wall

    When he looked me in the eyes
    and told me that he loved me
    my niave heart did believe
    and gave itself to him.... more »

  • Butterflies

    He grabs my hand
    fingers inertwined,
    rubbing them gently
    tingles everywhere,... more »

  • Change

    you have changed
    and it's not for the better
    all of the sudden
    your different... more »

  • Determination

    “Mom” she says, “I’m going to play the piano
    just for you.” she enrolled in lessons
    after a while gave up, lost interest never again did she.
    Nothing was learned, nothing gained.... more »

  • Everything

    When you came back
    into my life
    everything felt better
    everything felt all right... more »

  • Goodbye's

    A solder can go out to
    war, and can be so tough
    but as soon as
    goodbyes come around... more »

  • Holding It In- Till We Hold Out

    Glance at a passing
    pain in our eyes, love in our hearts
    moving on in our minds
    holding back the way we still feel.... more »

  • Hurt

    When I get hurt,
    my heart aches
    and I cry late into the night,
    thinking about how it could be different... more »

  • I Love Love You

    I Love You
    I Love Love You
    no other words could say it more
    your handsome and clever... more »

  • I'Ll Be There

    I'll be there in your darkest hour.
    I'll comfort you in your loneliest time.
    I'll hug you in your longest sorrows
    I'll hold you in your time of need.... more »

  • Instead Of Me

    I watch you walk by
    talk to another girl
    have I just gone
    invisible?... more »

  • Just A Kiss

    It all started with a kiss,
    I thought that was cute,
    Then things proceeded on
    Things began to heat up... more »

  • Look For Your Mom In Time Of Pain!

    She comes at times when its unexpected
    just in time to save a broken heart
    just before it falls apart
    holding you till you forget the pain.... more »

  • Love

    I can still remember that night,
    that night you said you loved me.
    holding hands with you,
    i love you too.... more »

  • My Love, My Friend.

    How you hold me
    is so much different
    then anyone out there,
    the way you see through me... more »

  • Not Like That!

    No one can believe,
    that we are over,
    we were gonna be the ones that were forever
    but you needed someone esle... more »

  • Not Me

    The night sky shines down on me
    as the snow crunches under my feet.
    The cold dark ally would look
    intimidating to anyone else... more »

  • Others Can Think

    We let our love go
    at the first thing that came
    you changed your mind
    and I was broken.... more »

  • Past

    How can something so wonderful
    so unforgetable, so touching,
    be left in the past?
    If it were really love things would have... more »