• A Contradiction Of Circumstance

    Like two pebbles in a stream they clung to one another.
    Secure in their place and anchored to life by their mutual commitment.
    As the turbulent water washed over them they accepted life as it was.
    But alas the contradiction of their circumstances and their dreams caused a friction between them.... more »

  • A One Cock Hard As Rock World

    It's a one cock hard as rock world out there.
    The nice guy days are done.
    Apple pie died replaced by a good high
    And a will to survive at any price.... more »

  • After Midnight

    After midnight, thats when it all goes down.
    When the downtrodden find the lonely in hopes of mooching a free beer.
    When the room is still crowded but the space between people is as dark and long as the wet walk home on a rainy night.... more »

  • Almost Too Late

    By Steve Downs @2008

    When it’s almost too late I value... more »

  • An Absence Of You

    The Morning sun rose over an absence of you.
    Every breath shallow and stale.
    Every song semmingly sad
    every sight altered and askew.... more »

  • Back It Up

    Let’s all back up and start over.
    Embryo to embryo. Sac to sac, fluid bursting... more »

  • Because I Said So!

    Because I said so! And things I wish I said back.

    When you're a kid parents say the weirdest stuff to you. Here are things I've heard many times growing up and the responses I wish I was gutsy enough to have responded with.... more »

  • Break Me!

    Break Me!
    by S. Michael Downs @2008

    Break me!... more »

  • Existence Null

    As the falling of a snowflake
    Existence Null

    As the moment of last rain... more »

  • Fair Enough

    The first thing I noticed about her were her eyes.
    If you believe that you’re not old enough to read this.... more »

  • I Am Bound!

    by S. Michael Downs

    I am bound by the straitjacket of life
    Shackeled by obligation to conformity... more »

  • I'M Writing To The Wind

    I'm writing to the wind
    The words drift from my mouth
    They dance and mix about
    Then lose what they're about... more »

  • Into The Void

    by S. Michael Downs

    Into the void I launch these words
    Adrift in a sea of souls... more »

  • It Made Me Think Of You

    I got stung by a bee today
    the pain made me think of you
    I dug at the pointed barb embedded in my flesh
    It made me think of you... more »

  • Life's Little Rag

    It's a quick shot
    Hell No!... more »

  • Lost Light

    Lost light drifting from a fallen star
    Surges ore' thoughts falling... more »

  • Nothings Coming Out

    Nothings coming out.... more »

  • Other Days

    Other days
    By S. Michael Downs @2008

    Other days live in the pathways of our mind old roads to walk again.... more »

  • Oversight

    By S. Michael Downs @2008 ... more »

  • Robert Soldiered On

    Robert was a soldier of the heart, tall and awkward, without power or complexity.
    Robert soldiered on through life.
    Woman after woman looked through Robert never seeing him,
    Nor caring to be seen by him. It was that bad.... more »

  • Speaking With The Spirits

    Speaking with the Spirits
    I came to ask of them
    A knowledge more than sacred
    And little known to men... more »

  • Take Aim And Fire

    Take aim and fire!
    Like a row of pretty boys all lined up
    And ready to make their move for an evenings pleasure plow... more »

  • The Mortality Of Dreams

    Dreams, like all special things, are not finite
    Wisps of thought that drift across the universe
    Helpless in their direction
    Oblivious of their destination... more »

  • The Voices...For Bukowski

    Its 3 a.m. and the bar scene crowd is out devouring the evenings caught and conquered.

    My hands caress the smooth surface of the bar like the flat belly of a young woman.... more »

  • There's A Corner

    There's a corner where I hide
    Small and covered with blue
    Deeper than a well of screams
    Dark as the words of my lover... more »