S. R. Lavin Biography

Born in 1945, S. R. Lavin has been widely published in the U.S. as well as in England, China, Poland, and The Netherlands. Among his books are THE STONECUTTERS AT WAR WITH THE CLIFF DWELLERS (Heron Press,1971) , I and You (an original version of Martin Buber’s Ich und Du, THE SAGA OF METACOMET, and JOURNEY TO A LONE STAR (Four Zoas Press,1976) , BIG MEADOW/NEW RIVER (Jerusalem House,1978) .

S. R. Lavin (aka Sholom) , five time winner of National Grants in Literature (USA) and winner of the prestigious Leonardo de Vinci Cultural Achievement Award (Florence, Italy) . Actively published since 1967 his poetry has appeared in twelve books (see www.abebooks.com) and in many magazines, most recently on-line in Poetry Bay. He has also written a book about The Twelve Tribes, an international Community with homes and cafés in nine countries on four continents….. He is actively writing and gives poetry workshops and readings at colleges and high schools