Saadi Shirazi 1814-1291

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ai dost bar janazai dushman chi bukzadi Shadi makun ka tu ba hami majra rawad
Hello. I want the translate Of Sadie, s Ghazal(193) : شورش بلبلان سحر باشد خفته از صبح بی خبر باشد pleas guide me
Sheikh Saadi is a great Scholar, Poet, Mastermind source of Persian Language and Literature.But yet the reader's of saadi didn't mentioned his correct D.O.B.Scholars wrote his own will whatever they read from other sources...its my request kindly take a proper decision and write the one right date of saadi's life and his work also.Because i read at Wikipedia also mentioned his work like Ghulastaan and Bustaan date incorrect..
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