• Alone

    Purity once had a name,
    And beauty once had a face.
    Life once had a meaning,
    And once I was safe.... more »

  • I Won'T Forget

    I look into thoose beuatiful brown eyes.
    How do i always mange to fall so easily?
    For the one who already taken.
    I am not the picture perfect girl,... more »

  • Sand And Waves Are For Healing

    The beach was made for couples to right there name's in in the sand.
    The beach how ever for me is a place for dreaming.
    I can always dream of how maybe one day will be together.
    So here i am on my knees leting the ocean kiss my feet.... more »

  • Youu

    ocean waves
    wash my soul
    cleanse me of your smile... more »