• Am I A Poet?

    Is it true, I am a poet?
    I don't know!
    from now,
    If you want, visit my flat.... more »

  • Child, You Were!

    Do you remember that day?
    The day you had three!
    You was called to eat,
    You was reminded what will be your habit!... more »

  • Did You Get My Flower?

    I know it was difficult for you!
    But it was difficult for me too!
    I knew it was your birthday!
    But I didn't come! I bag, OK!... more »

  • From The Mountain

    From the mountain
    I can see the rain
    From far away.
    I don't have time to tell but I can recommend people to run away!... more »

  • Her Beauty!

    She was there,
    I was walking here and there
    Just to try to tempt her beauty eyes!
    Deep inside, it was a paradise!... more »

  • I Don't Ask You To Be Back!

    how can I say be back without saying?
    I want you to be back, don't say anything!
    I know, you are far and I should sent a boat
    or a plane, whatever you want!... more »

  • It's Just Poetry

    It's just poetry

    I prevent you
    I'm not talking about you!... more »

  • Letter To A Teacher

    Dear teacher,

    Sometimes I sit and wonder,
    Sometimes words cross inside my head,... more »

  • Never Forget

    I told you to wait
    of course you listened.
    enough for me, it was not.
    Never forget.... more »

  • No Word For You!

    This is for mothers in the world!
    Just to tell them that there's no word,
    Even the word thank you is not for them!
    Just to tell them that the word mother is a very huge theme!... more »

  • People Around Me

    They are here and there
    with their longish hair!
    Some are from correa, india... more »

  • Poet!


    Look at your right side,
    There is a man.... more »

  • She!

    Who are you exactly?
    I've never find the answer for that question! really!
    You accept nine months
    just to let live guys!... more »

  • Spilled Role

    Am I free?
    No, not at all! You are for me!
    inside my house,
    There are rules!... more »

  • Tell Me…

    Eh! I'm sorry, I'm curious!
    I know, it's hard!
    That's the world!
    Are you ambitious?... more »

  • The Pursuit Of Happyness

    That is life:
    a fight, a school, ... not enough!
    Many thing happen
    just to tempt your min' (mind)... more »

  • The State Of My Soul!

    I lied sad n mad!
    No bed, I hide!
    I thought he will read, my dad!
    He is still alive, never dead!... more »

  • Their Day!

    Don't be so angry!
    it's our day!
    You know already!
    We need new clothes and we think you'll do indeed!... more »

  • Tomorrow

    Do you remember that day,
    You asked me the way to the peace!
    I understood! now everything is different, who breaks, pay'!
    Every one need more space!... more »

  • Towards The End

    Did you remember yesterday?
    You were crying! not because he has to pay,
    because you hate him at that moment!
    So what do you realize at the end?... more »

  • We Are With You...

    It's about 20 years that happens in that side!
    at the end 19th century or in the mid!
    people were crying as kid'!
    trying to find the best place to escape. As do bird'!... more »

  • What If I Cry?

    The weather is worst!
    You have no one, You wait!
    Soon we will see a new sky.
    What if I cry!... more »

  • What People Do Not Know!

    The bad relationship is what people don't know!
    They think love is to be there yesterday and now!
    What people do not know is the insults you have to give!
    Understand, you do not have to be forgive'!... more »

  • Who Are We?

    We are all from same country!
    The country where there is no trouble no angry!
    One day, we will back in that side, really!
    So who are we?... more »

  • Why I Wrote Son From Beside!

    Many reasons can push PEOPLE to write;
    some for pleasure, just for writing on a white!
    This when you have already a name!
    Did you think about those who don't have them'?... more »