• Cruelty Inside

    Do you like sorrow
    Do you like pain
    Do you need someone who fells the same
    Desire for blood is in your veins... more »

  • I Am Not Ok With Loosing You

    Maybe I don't feel anything for him
    Maybe I am not longer in love
    But when I see him in his shiny black shirt
    I can not not to die for him.... more »

  • Life

    My mind's on the edge
    I am on the stage
    And totus mundus agit histrionem
    Where everyone are audience... more »

  • Sad Beauty

    Sitting on the street
    Dreaming of a life
    Life that i could have.... more »

  • The Other Aspect Of Love

    There is nothing pretty in love
    Love is not fluffy and pink
    It is beautiful
    It is red... more »