• A Bit Short.

    I have been staring at this broken heart,
    Written clear in the mirror from the start.
    Easy to tear apart.... more »

  • A Conversation

    Hello Sir,
    How are you?

    Please speak to me,... more »

  • A Day Alone

    It is astounding as to what can be done within the hours of one single day,
    As there are some days which go by much faster than others,
    Some take forever just to end!... more »

  • A Favour To Kill.

    Sometimes I am totally unaware,
    Of feelings which develop and lead to total despair.
    The night before having a dream so close to you,
    Waking up to seeing you… not there,... more »

  • A Memory

    I'm studying something which I am not sure I am enjoying.
    I'm trying to find the meaning.

    Medicine is beautiful as it is an art.... more »

  • A New Feeling

    What is this?
    Why is it that it is you I miss?

    There are so many turns my world is taking.... more »

  • A New Journey.

    What haven't I showed you?
    Or what haven't I seen?

    For I am bewildered and away with a single dream.... more »

  • A New Point Of View.

    The strains of weaving sand,
    Beneath the waters where I met your hand.

    Out to me, you reached,... more »

  • A Past Remains A Memory

    There are people in this world who make us feel alive when everyone seems dead in living.
    There are people whom we rather be in company.
    There are instances where they make our days anything but stormy.
    Oh how I want them to stay,... more »

  • A Quick Broken Heart.

    Tell me about the heart that feels pain,
    The one which hurts in vain.

    Tell me about the eyes which cry.... more »

  • Acceptance

    It is twisted,

    Your insides become intertwined,
    Your mind makes your heart feel like swine.... more »

  • All That's Plain

    Your current state is in pain.
    However, your future won't be in vain.
    Right now there is happiness to claim.
    So from sadness, you must refrain.... more »

  • An Affair.

    I shouldn't communicate when I am under,
    The pressure,
    To complete a task that I myself couldn't properly gather.... more »

  • Another About You.

    Love does hurt.
    That does sound strange.
    Such pain should not be in range.... more »

  • Another Mistake

    No one taught me to love,
    Think of that given from above.
    To hold a rose with thorns.
    Absorb all that adorns.... more »

  • Apart.

    Too much time spent in fantasy,
    Can make you lose touch of reality.

    To slamming doors,... more »

  • Application.

    This obsession,
    Is stronger than any other form of devotion,
    Not only does it alters the mind and recognition.
    It causes some sort of heart palpitation.... more »

  • Before Sleep.

    Those warm showers at night,
    Which comfort us before sleep.

    The kiss,... more »

  • Being Alone

    You don't write in agony,
    Just as you won't love for sympathy,
    You shouldn't,
    But there's no telling you wouldn't.... more »

  • Blazing Reeks

    Have you ever seen something suffer?
    Or maybe another?
    I never knew I could be a giver,
    Of tears such sharper,... more »

  • Broken Humor

    There is a crime my heart commits,
    It beats a little faster,
    Every time you come nearer.... more »

  • Broken Paths

    These jiggered roads.
    Of mistrust coats.

    You want me to give in,... more »

  • Broken Relations

    When does a relationship become dry?
    When does one stop loving another to the point they don't try?
    Why is it at least one individual has to cry?... more »

  • Broken Vengeance

    I thought we would be forever,
    Now we are not even together.

    Snakeskins,... more »

  • Changed Thought.

    Years ago,
    I gave up the opportunity of gaining what it is "to know."

    I had never valued,... more »