• Fake

    ur close friend
    speads rumors
    fake... more »

  • Hating Life?

    guy i love picked anouther girl
    worst part
    she's younger... more »

  • Home

    i found myself in his arms
    i found escape in his arms

    home is where u are seppose to feel safe... more »

  • Learning

    little girl learning what a crush is
    listening to her frist bad love song
    frist enjoyment of music
    frist real friendships... more »

  • Let Go

    u were the frist real guy i could say i loved
    i never dated u
    so how can it count as love?
    we had a connection like no one else... more »

  • Miss U

    u were everything to me
    u cared
    u loved
    u touched... more »

  • Names

    u call be a bitch
    but ur no better
    u call me a whore
    but ur no better... more »

  • Pressure

    it swallows u up
    never seems to let go
    over powers u
    pushes down... more »

  • Was I Stupid?

    was i stupid to fall in love?
    was i stupid to give things away too easy?
    was i stupid to think it could last?
    was i stupid to just let him go?... more »

  • When I'M Down

    I've always had someone to turn to
    my parents at first
    but well they turned against me
    then the friends that always seemed to come and go... more »

  • Why Do I Feel This Way?

    i'm over u
    its been almost 4 months
    i should be done with caring
    in fact i don't care... more »