Sajal Ahmed is a Bangladeshi writer and small thinker. Born on June 22,1997 in Barisal Division of Bangladesh. He usually writes online. He is a notepad writters. His Writing topics are; poems, prose poem, prose, maxim and quote. His writings are found in online literature portal of Bangladesh. Currently studying Degrees in the Department of Social Sciences, in a government college of Bangladesh. This author is a rude, dishonest, merciless, Anti-Imperialism and He is the Extremly Hostile.
The author was not opposed to the practice, sometimes insolent behavior, so he does not hesitate to rape any Philosophy.
He is totally against the 'borders'. He said, 'There will be no borders on earth. There is no obstacle in any place anywhere in the world a person can go. Those who are divided by the border at different points, they are eunuchs. '
This writer is completely pale, unmatched junky nature. His dislike of taking advises from others.

Favorites: Distorted singer, Writing, Tea Addicted, Poem writing and reading etc.
Favorite Subjects: Philosophy, Literature and History.
Favorite Persons: Charles Bukowski, Ahmmad Sofa, Rumi, Iqbal, Noam chomsky, Michel Foucault, Farhad Mazhar.


Sajal Ahmed Poems


When everyone gets sorrow, everyone does not know to cry,
Some of the heart breaks like a glass piece!
But do not water the eyes!... more »

13 Maxims From Maxim Maxim Ebooks

If you think Maxim is poem then Maxim's poem. Maxim is not a poem, and poetry can not be read if you think about it. Listen! 'Poetry is actually a matter of thought! ' Maxim's speaking style is different from poetry. Maxime may have rhythm, it mayor may not be. You may think that all these divine words Yes, speech is not God's.

Maxim's Verses:... more »

Parallel Universe

I see my twin brother
One thin screen in us
I pulled my brother with my hand
He's not coming... more »

Sajal Ahmed Quotes

If you used me like a condom or telling lie fluently then I'll ignored you! Cuse, I am not a underware that you wanna used easily....
If you think I'm Goffy
When you passed your full time with your GF/BF unfortunately little by little you lost your your friends love. Moreover when you passed your full time with your friend, unfortunately little by little you lost your your GF/BF's love. What will you do now? A little puzzle around your full life.
Boyfriend And Best friend
If they will contemplate 'You're the ugliest person in the world' Then you can think Of your hiding 'Charms'. God is not inconsiderate, he constitute your won- Niftiest, Individuality and Idiosyncrasy. Do not hiding your Charms.
- Sajal Ahmed

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