sakalabaktula sairaj Poems

My Teacher I Never Forget You

Oh my teacher, oh my teacher
I can’t forget you, I can’t forget you... more »

Children's Smile

Children's smile costs more than diamond,
Children's smile beautiful than rose bud.

Children's heart as cool as moon,... more »

Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl

The eyes of a beautiful girl speak more than words.
It can convert an angry man to do many works.

Where she goes she sparks.... more »

sakalabaktula sairaj Quotes

May the world attain the Happiness that I have attained
may all the human being and all animal attain the salvation and get the unlimited happiness.. sairaj

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Sakalabaktula Sairaj 17 Nov 2017 02:56
I too wrote many more poems but yet not recorded in any pen and paper in a proper manner.. i lost some i kept some but feeling remains same