• Abnormal Day

    It's a normal day,
    The moon reflects white light
    While the sun shines so bright
    Flocks of birds, full of flight... more »

  • Copied!

    My teacher said

    The very first; of a doctor's patient
    A miner's gold... more »

  • Had

    Somethings you have but wouldn't know
    Until they're lost, you wouldn't see
    The value they hold, its more than gold
    Now they're gone and you're done... more »

  • I Can't Be, Except With You

    If I were; a star, you would be my night
    A day, you would be my sun
    A heart, you would be my beat
    A skin, you would be my feel... more »

  • Mango Tree

    Mango tree mango tree
    Mango tree is normally sweet
    When I drink I normally sleep
    When I sleep I normally dream... more »

  • My Own Friend

    Solely lonely only
    The need to sing a song
    Lacking the voice to sing
    Expressing my sorrow with a poem... more »

  • Our Nigeria, Evergreen

    Many many years ago
    I existed before I was formed
    I was two and then one
    Now I'm six, within one... more »

  • Poetree

    I have a tree
    A tree of poems
    Of branches free
    Its fruits are poets... more »

  • Silence

    Presence of thoughts
    Avenue of plans
    A sacred shrine... more »

  • The Silence That Attracts More

    Let the beauty in my words
    Be the silent aroma that brings the hungry close
    To the kitchen of my ideas
    'Cos profound, is the silence found... more »

  • To Old Friends

    The worst friends
    They scold you
    You mocked them
    They pranked you... more »