• A Kiss I Give To You

    A kiss I give to you,
    The free Spirited and
    Gifted Mind.
    Your willingness to smile... more »

  • Love

    An awful beast
    Carefully watching
    Its Prey,... more »

  • The Bitter Losing

    Tonight I lose you
    with bitter words
    We draw apart.
    In a minute,... more »

  • Why?

    Why can't you take
    me as I am?
    You push and shove,
    Never pleased.... more »

  • You

    Behind my laughs and
    Smiles there were
    Tears in my Heart.
    But you brought me... more »

  • Your Memory

    Your memory haunts me,
    Frightening me,
    and Chasing me in
    Dreams now past,... more »