Simple, yet complicated.


Saliu Muideen Poems

My Salat

With undivided mind and utmost devotion
With much humility and admiration
With a total submission and concentration,
I stand before Him, the exalted in valor.... more »

Our Lord

Our Lord, Great in might
He created things aright
Up and down, left and right
Front and back, loose and tight.... more »

Moremi (The Symbol Of Bravery)

A woman of a thousand men's strength
You are an inspiration to the women of our nation
Brave and vibrant is your heart... more »

Saliu Muideen Quotes

Life is a mystery. Sometime, you get right and some other times, it screws you up.
Saliu Muideen
What can't can't, can can.
Saliu Muideen

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