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Death Of A Poem

Shot down in its prime.
Shot down
While making daisy chains in the park
For little girls to be daisy queens.... more »


I’m not jealous
But I know what I saw.
It all started last night
At the restaurant,... more »

The Old Man In My Bed

I woke this morning to find
An old man in my bed.
Short grey halo
Surrounding his bald head,... more »

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Comments about Sallie Howson

Elizabeth Vautrain 09 Apr 2014 01:43
This is excellent. I read some of her other poems and was very impressed.
Jerry Hughes 06 May 2008 03:14
This lady is an exceptional writer, a joy to read...
Nabil Nazmi 05 May 2007 11:41
realy nice.i like it.