• A Lazy Afternoon.

    Swing, swing,
    Dozing in the hammock,
    Above me sky ablue,
    Sweet summer Sunday,... more »

  • Anarchy In Italy

    Announced on the breakfast show
    We choke on our coffee and
    Mothers call their daughters
    Fathers call their sons.... more »

  • Breakfast Without You

    Breakfast was torture
    Without you.
    The kettle refused to boil,
    The toaster burnt the bread... more »

  • Butterflies

    The words are little
    Fluttering around my head.
    I catch them... more »

  • Dancing In The Rain.

    Knock, knock
    On the window.
    Two fat raindrops
    Calling me out.... more »

  • Death Of A Poem

    Shot down in its prime.
    Shot down
    While making daisy chains in the park
    For little girls to be daisy queens.... more »

  • Don’t Ask If I Miss You.

    Don’t ask me if I miss you.
    I’m not some schoolgirl
    Who’s lost her mobile phone.
    Thumb still twitching... more »

  • Foreigner In Italy

    They love my skin.
    “Sweet, sweet brown sugar”,
    They say
    Their hands running down my back.... more »

  • Give Me A Man

    Give me a man
    Who wants the moon
    But demands nothing.... more »

  • Give Me Back My Poetry

    I don’t mind that
    You took my books
    And CDs
    Or even my new set of kitchen knives... more »

  • Goodbye

    I will not visit art galleries
    With you in mind.
    Buying books
    And postcards... more »

  • I Love

    I love
    Lindt hot chocolate on a winter’s day,
    Fresh fruit salad in the month of May,
    Summer strolls with the smell of hay,... more »

  • Jealousy

    I’m not jealous
    But I know what I saw.
    It all started last night
    At the restaurant,... more »

  • Kind Of Death

    This is no
    Sweet “carried off by angels”
    At the age of 90
    Kind of death.... more »

  • Love And Hate

    Enlightening, inspiring,
    Filling me with
    Heart wrenching desire.... more »

  • Love Dance

    The fresh white page
    Teases the pen
    Giving her the old
    “Come hither”.... more »

  • Marriage

    Year 1
    Launching our boat
    On the lake of life.
    Two eager shipmates... more »

  • My Friend

    Why do you love me my friend?

    I love you for the lightness of your soul,
    For the laughter and happiness you bring,... more »

  • My Hat

    I bought a hat today
    Ready for the Siberian wind
    They’ve been promising for a week.
    I hate winter... more »

  • Our Bed

    And when I wake
    And you are gone
    I place
    My hand... more »

  • Role Reversal

    “You’re cruel”,
    She tells me every morning
    Stepping out of the shower
    Into the radiator warmed bathrobe... more »

  • Saturday Night

    Red pen
    White wine
    Van Morrison
    Belting it out... more »

  • Shocking The Natives

    You’ve worked hard
    Studied well
    The frequent slips
    Of early years... more »

  • The Box Under My Bed

    I have a wooden box
    Under my bed.
    It’s hand crafted and carved
    And inlaid with gold... more »

  • The Old Lady In The Restaurant

    They pity her
    All alone
    In the corner
    Of the restaurant... more »