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Very versatile thinker........
An Emily Dickenson for our times, perhaps?
Hi Sally, I chose a poem of yours at random - 1957 - “…kohl-eyed, black lashed Saturday morning spenders” ‘Good God’ I thought …were you there? ’ Straight back to the ‘Riviera’ and ‘Elasona’ coffee bars and the local ‘Plaza’ on Saturday nights. Another couple - ‘Aunt Rose’ you say is kid’s stuff - we were all kids at one time and ‘Seagull’ - how often we fail to notice the things we frequently see. Great work.
Yes the universety of life of which I am one also gd to read your poems. I hav been writing poetry myself for about 20 years untill recently didnt know they were any good. Now I realise and now it flows.
Most Respected Madam, I have posted few poems, if possible please read once my poem bcoz your comments shall be more valuable than my poems with kind regards ramesh rai
great work sally. and thank you 4 commenting on my page. you are truly a great woman!
strange how the small poems have the biggest effect.....scattering words around the rim of my mind :)
wow so many poems which is your favourite? ... please read my birthday song..
University of life? Join the club. Cheers, Jerry