• A Free Thinking Individual

    I look around me and feel something missing
    Not that I can see, but strongly can feel….
    I want to fix it, but strangely, it can't heal.
    My friend had changed, and that angered me…... more »

  • A Tyke With No Parents

    Walking beside a tree one day
    Feeling the wind coming my way
    When I saw him, hide
    Scared of everything, but light... more »

  • Bombing Without Mercy

    When America bombed Hiroshima our city,
    Three days later without pity,
    They bombed Nagasaki and ruined the city.
    Killed at least 200,000 people.... more »

  • Comical Love

    You've heard of me before, so stop denying.
    Without me, you will probably be dying.
    Dettol is my name,
    Killing germs would be my aim,... more »

  • I Want You Back

    I don't know much about you, but I am all alone.
    No one is beside me, and I am all on my own.
    My dad has so much work, and he is never home.
    My mom takes care of four other kids, cooking, and she is always holding a broom.... more »

  • She Is Just A Kid

    You said I was annoying as a little kid.
    Yet you stayed by my side when no one did
    Add to that, you are still whishing me the best ahead
    And looking at the numbers of mistakes I did... more »

  • She Was Right

    In my new school, I have no friends.
    Half of the year is already gone, but it just feels like the rest will never end.
    I have tried to be friends with them all.
    But I noticed there is a cliff somewhere, and I will fall.... more »

  • The Definition Of Women

    I once heard that women are like diamonds.
    That they are beautiful and sweet, not like almonds.
    And from my background knowledge,
    I know that diamonds are expensive.... more »