Salma Said is a high school student who started writing poems since she was 10. She recently started writing books. She is originally from Egypt and she is born in the year 2000


Salma Said Poems

I Want You Back

I don't know much about you, but I am all alone.
No one is beside me, and I am all on my own.
My dad has so much work, and he is never home.
My mom takes care of four other kids, cooking, and she is always holding a broom.... more »

She Is Just A Kid

You said I was annoying as a little kid.
Yet you stayed by my side when no one did
Add to that, you are still whishing me the best ahead
And looking at the numbers of mistakes I did... more »

Bombing Without Mercy

When America bombed Hiroshima our city,
Three days later without pity,
They bombed Nagasaki and ruined the city.
Killed at least 200,000 people.... more »

Salma Said Quotes

'two negatives make a positive.'
In math, we learned that 'two negatives make a positive', and if that's the case, then inside every person with a miserable life and family a positive person, and inside every mistake, there must be something positive about it no matter what.

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