• A Fool

    Your standing in the door frame
    Your sparkling eyes greet me
    With great familiarity
    Your looking at me... more »

  • A Heaven

    There's a mystic shadow over me
    something not yet clearly defined
    a rainbow of sorts I've been chasing
    my whole life... more »

  • Acid Rain

    Dwelling deep on my inside
    you reached up slowly and chocked my pride
    I struggled through the rain
    gasping for air... more »

  • Blue

    God blanketed the ice blue sky
    with a solid black freedom
    thats blinding my eyes
    I tap on the roof... more »

  • Only Wish

    violent winds shoved
    when you stood there in a dream
    thought I awoke
    gentle whispers... more »

  • Striving For Rain

    I wake up with the thought of him again
    Racing through every pathway in my head
    Anxious just to see him again
    Maybe today he'll smile again... more »

  • Sunshine

    Rose petals on the floor
    Candle Light
    Picture frames on the door... more »

  • Wintery Style

    A spring day
    long forgotten wintery style
    you tremble, cause its been a while
    being teased by the inevitable falling skies... more »