• A Little Clock Face

    It has memorys
    It has anniversary
    It has death
    It has births... more »

  • A Stranger You Were Once

    A stranger you were once but not tonight
    because you have came my light.
    To help me through the darkness to find the light.
    How I wonder what my life would be like... more »

  • Again

    He goes again the door closes.
    Cant wait to hear the key in the opening door again.
    Cant wait to see his eyes again
    Cant wait to hold him again... more »

  • Believe In Yourself

    ... more »

  • Boobies

    Boobies every female has a pair but what if a tumour appears
    Go to your doctor their nothing to fear because your doctor
    will always be here.
    They may be test like mammogram and biopsy... more »

  • Do Not Stand At My Grave

    Do not stand at my grave and weep.

    My soul has gone and the ground will keep my body till is called upon.... more »

  • He Always

    He always leaves a coffee ring that makes me so sad because it reminds me I've trained him so bad.

    He always leaves the seat up that makes me so sad I have really trained this guy so bad.... more »

  • Lonely House

    No one home in this house the cupboards are bare

    No carpets to walk upon... more »

  • Love

    Love a four letter word that could make you KILL

    Love a four letter word that could make you WARM... more »

  • My Child

    I'll never hold you in my arms,
    I will never see you grow,

    I'll never wipe your tears away... more »

  • My Heart No Longer Belongs To Me

    My heart no longer belong to me is resides within your heart.
    Dreaming of you make's my night worth while thinking of you just make's me smile.
    Being with you will be forever because you always make me happier than ever... more »

  • On Valentine's Day

    On Valentine's Day there's Cards and Roses
    No need for acts or lies or poses
    Cos' there is only one thing you need to know,
    As there is only one feeling you need to show... more »

  • This Broken Child

    This broken child lost her innocent at a very early age through a trusted man and a drunken rage her little heart broken full of pain that will stay with her every single day.

    This young girl kept from sight crying into the middle of the night.
    She fears people will sense the shame but this little girl was never to blame.... more »